Valentine's Day Art with Toddlers

I have always loved finding fun and simple ways to celebrate holidays, and I think it's so much more fun with kids! We did these three crafts last week and I have incorporated them into my decor around the house, and I love seeing them when I pass by! My boys are not even 2 yet, but I believe they can still be artists! Here are 3 easy crafts you can do with your kids:

Canvas Handprint "Hearts"

You may have to use your imagination because these are SUPPOSED to look like hearts, but the boys were going for more of an abstract look with these (that, or their busy hands didn't want to stay still long enough to make a heart).

What you do is place some dots of paint on the canvas using whatever colors you want for the background. Put it in a plastic ziplock back and let them move the paint around, mess-free. Take it out and let it dry, then paint their hands and place them on the canvas to make a heart shape.

Hand Roses

Probably my favorite out of the 3 crafts. How cute are their little hands! You can tie a pipe cleaner bow around the stems, or display them in vases. So cute and so easy.

All you have to do is trace their hands and cut them out, then tape green pipe cleaners to the back.

Wood XOXO Painting

This is a cute Target find and it's only $5. It comes with the paint and paintbrush. Super easy. 

Let me know if you make any of these, I would love to see how they turn out! Happy Valentine's Day!