Tips For Surviving Twin Toddlers

We have entered the terrible twos, and having twin toddlers is no joke! They are good boys, but having occasional meltdowns, whining, and being super picky about certain things (like which color cup they have) are just a normal part of being a toddler. Now multiply that by 2, and that's life with twin toddlers. 😂 So here are a few of my best tips I've learned from this stage of parenting. These are easy and practical, and some can also apply to parents of young children in general, not just twin parents!

1. Set a timer 

Do your kids have the same favorite toy? For us, it's "big monkey". It's a big stuffed animal that they love to carry around everywhere. When they both want it, we have to set a timer, usually for 1 or 2 minutes. When the timer goes off, it's time for the other twin to have a turn.

2. Snacks

Take snacks with you wherever you go! Toddlers love snacks. When they get impatient waiting in line at the store with you, give them a snack. When they refuse to sit in their carseat and make their body stiff so you can't buckle them in (if you know, you know), tell them they can have their snack after they get in. When they have a meltdown because they don't want to go inside after playing in the backyard, have a snack ready inside. Snacks just always help.

3. Go outside

A simple solution for kids who have been stuck inside for too long. Sometimes they just need a change of scenery!

4. Split them up

This is something we recently started doing, and I'm not sure why we didn't start doing it sooner. If Brian or I need to run an errand, one of us takes a twin, while the other parent stays home with the other twin. Going from two toddlers to one makes a huge difference and takes some stress away, while giving us some one on one time with a twin!

5. Say no

Safety should come first. It's ok to decline an invite to something if you don't think you can handle twins safely, especially if you're going to be by yourself. Brian and I always try to do everything together with the twins if we can, and if we're going to be on our own with them, we have to determine if it's going to be safe or not. Things like going to the pool, or places where they could easily get away from you. 

6. Contain them

Sometimes I feel like I have tried every toy/activity option but the boys just want to play with the dog food or stand on the table. I promise they are good, they just have their moments. 😂 In these situations, I just have to contain them somewhere to avoid going crazy and having a meltdown myself! It always helps to A) put them in their room to play for a few minutes (while watching them on the camera, of course. We love this monitor) or B) put them in their high chairs and let them watch a show. And don't let the mom guilt get to you if have to do that every once in a while!

I really hope these help you! It's so helpful to get tips from other parents who are in your situation or have been there before. I love learning from other twin parents too, so tell me your best tips!!